Pen Turning

I just started pen turning in 2015. Below are some details on how I make my slim line pens. I’m totally new at this and learning as I go. I joined several Facebook pen turning sites as well as watch many YouTube videos on the topic.

I have created a few YouTube videos.  They can be found at my YouTube channel “Quarter Inch Off”

Click to see my shop introduction video for turning.

Making a lathe stand, I found the design on IAP’s website. — old video
Updated video of the lathe stand can be found here: https://youtu.be/TjSkrAj73RI
I did a dust collection upgrade as well: http://youtu.be/FjmYgbGQIL4

Random Shop Stuff

Slim Line Pen Turning Series

Rockler Compact Key Ring Knife – https://youtu.be/v0EpIIOc4tE

Woodcraft Soft Grip Stylus #158290 – http://youtu.be/w5kDQxOAwNs

Links to other woodworking resources can be found on my links page.  The links below are dedicated to pen turning supplies or sites that I use or at least that come recommended.

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