Shed build at camp site. We needed more storage at our camping site, so we built a new shed.  Instead of buying a shed kit or plan we purchased some wood and well built a shed. Surprisingly, the shed is perfectly level and square. I wanted a single door, I was convinced by an uncle to put in double doors.  Doing so changed my design and I didn’t calculate all the changes as accurately as I should have. Project was done in late 2013.

Lessons Learned:

  • Most of our time was spent on digging out a base for the shed and squaring off the base to be within the lot line restrictions.  There are better methods such as use of batten boards that would have made this much easier.
  • Ice and water shield is extremely sticky and requires two people for proper installation otherwise shoe laces, leg hair and anything else you value might experience some abnormal wear and tear.
  • Building walls and standing them up, requires more than two people to complete with any degree of accuracy.


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