Refinish Antique Dresser

After finishing the kids loft bed, I looked at their old dresser.  This dresser was given to me several years ago.  I’ve never tried to refinish anything before. It had suffered from years of neglect water damage, scratches, drawer bottoms broken out. The finish was dull and warn. It just begged for a new life. After finishing the Loft Bed I thought it would be a quick strip the old finish, light sanding and then apply the new finish.   um, no.

Lessons Learned:

  • Finishing antiques takes time and patience.  Without knowing what the original finish was it became difficult to strip the old finish. Also trying to strip a project this size in an unheated garage during a lengthy winter season adds difficultly.
  • Take pictures and record screws.  At the time I took the piece apart I knew exactly where each screw came from. Several weeks later when I was trying to put the dresser back together again, I mixed up where some of the screws went.  This caused some of the mirror frame to split as I put in larger longer screws where they should not have gone.

IMAG1927 IMAG1926 IMAG1937 IMAG1936 IMAG1929 IMAG1928 IMAG1942 IMAG1947 IMAG1946 IMAG1945 IMAG1944 IMAG1953 IMAG1952 IMAG1951

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