Loft Bed

I wanted to build something grand for my children.  Problem is a bunk bed was not going to fit in the space I have, so I built a loft bed instead.  Given I’m renting the space I’m in now I was also limited to a free standing structure.  Otherwise I would have done something much different.  Project took from September 2013 to March 2014.

Lessons Learned:

  • saving money by buying lower quality wood is sometimes ok.  However it is directly proportional to the amount of sanding and joining wood requires.
  • This was my first project I’ve stained and protected. Staining and using polyurethane requires a dust free environment for better finishes.  A basement setup right next to a dryer is not the best location for finishing furniture as the lint lands all over your project.
  • First furniture I’ve tried to build.  Used many tools I’ve never tried before such as rabbeting router bits (I’ll stick with a straight router bit in the future). Take time to play with tools on scrap wood before trying it on your finished piece.
  • Measure twice cut once.  After you measure twice, measure again and it helps to write down your measurements.

IMAG1923 IMAG1915 IMAG1893 IMAG1868 IMAG1860 IMAG1833 IMAG1832 IMAG1813 IMAG1761 IMAG1755 IMAG1676 IMAG1652

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