Firewood Rack

After the shed was built, we needed a place to store firewood to where it could be seasoned but also protected. I had some wood reclaimed from another project that I wanted to roughly put together. Project was done winter 2013/2014.

Lessons Learned:

  • The cold Midwest winter air can cause issues with air tools.  The nail gun would work to shoot two nails and then need to heat up the gun for a bit and try again.
  • Wood freezes.  yeah I know, I should have known better but I really thought I would use the wood and wood rack during the winter months.  Not only did the wood for the rack freeze causing problems nailing the rack together but the firewood also froze making it difficult to have a winter fire.


IMAG1665 IMAG1664 IMAG1663 IMAG1666

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