Cedar Chest

A friend had seen the refinishing work I had completed on the dresser and asked me to take a look at an antique cedar chest that was a family heirloom.   I had wanted to build a cedar chest but felt this was something I could do to learn the ins and outs of chest making.  The chest had a lot of water damage, the wheels were rusted close and there was at least 8 different finishes on it from over the years.  Best I could tell the chest was made between 1880’s and 1920’s.

Lessons Learned:

  • Refinishing takes a lot of time and patience
  • Estimate time for doing repairs.  I ran into issues with the legs and some decorative pieces that needed to be reconstructed or repaired
  • It is nice to add a special something when the project is finished. Being this was a refinish, I wanted to try to recreate a cedar aroma so I found a nylon bag and put fresh cedar balls in to revitalize the chest
  • Some times it is nice to do a project that doesnt require a lot of measuring and sanding
  • I learned from my previous projects to account for screws and the like.  So I took lots of pictures as I disassembled the chest.  Made assembly much easier.

20140817_132206 20140817_132107 20140817_132254 20140817_164045 20140817_164029 20140817_164006 20140817_160431 20140916_211634 20140921_180427 20140921_182528 legsdetailed

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