Adirondack Chairs

Using plans from Woodcraft build the Adirondack Settee (two chairs with a table between them), the foot rests and two single chairs.

Used reclaimed pine 2×6’s for the base of the chairs.  The chairs are very comfortable, the reclining feature on the chairs allows for 4 positions of comfort.

Made templates to help make these in the future.

Want to alter the designs a bit to add a shelf under the table, cup holders would be nice as well.

Also trying to find redwood cedar or cypress to make the next set.  Loved the natural look of the pine however the chairs were placed at a campground and the mud / rain mix kept them looking dirty. Ended up staining them the same blue as the single chairs.


IMAG2092 IMAG2090 IMAG2213 IMAG2202 IMAG2163 IMAG2136 IMAG2116 IMAG2115 IMAG2097

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