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Miter Saw Station– September 2016

Series on building a miter station.

Lathe Workbench – December 2014

Built a workbench for turning projects as well as a lathe stand.

Toy Chests – December 2014

Based on the design from Wood Working for Mere Mortals and their toy box challenge I started two two chests.

Refinish Antique Cedar Chest – August 2014

A friend had seen the refinishing work I had completed on the dresser and asked me to take a look at an antique cedar chest that was a family heirloom.   I had wanted to build a cedar chest but felt this was something I could do to learn the ins and outs of chest making.  The chest had a lot of water damage, the wheels were rusted close and there was at least 8 different finishes on it from over the years.  Best I could tell the chest was made between 1880’s and 1920’s.

Adirondack Chairs  – August 2014

Using plans from Woodcraft build the Adirondack Settee (two chairs with a table between them), the foot rests and two single chairs.

Refinish Antique Dresser – April 2014

After finishing the kids loft bed, I looked at their old dresser.  This dresser was given to me several years ago.  I’ve never tried to refinish anything before. It had suffered from years of neglect water damage, scratches, drawer bottoms broken out. The finish was dull and warn. It just begged for a new life. After finishing the Loft Bed I thought it would be a quick strip the old finish, light sanding and then apply the new finish.   um, no.

Loft Bed – March 2014

I wanted to build something grand for my children.  Problem is a bunk bed was not going to fit in the space I have, so I built a loft bed instead.  Given I’m renting the space I’m in now I was also limited to a free standing structure.  Otherwise I would have done something much different.  Project took from September 2013 to March 2014.

Lumber Cart – March 2014

While building the loft bed for my children I ended up with a lot of scrap wood.  I’ve always wanted a rolling lumber cart so I searched on line and found one close to what I wanted and built it using spare scrap wood from the loft bed.  Project took 2 days and all I had to purchase was wheels for the cart. I found and followed the design from I only recently discovered Steve’s site and look forward to trying a few other projects he has created.

Firewood Rack – November 2013

After the shed was built, we needed a place to store firewood to where it could be seasoned but also protected. I had some wood reclaimed from another project that I wanted to roughly put together. Project was done winter 2013/2014.

Shed – August 2013

Shed build at camp site. We needed more storage at our camping site, so we built a new shed.  Instead of buying a shed kit or plan we purchased some wood and well built a shed. Surprisingly, the shed is perfectly level and square. I wanted a single door, I was convinced by an uncle to put in double doors.  Doing so changed my design and I didn’t calculate all the changes as accurately as I should have. Project was done in late 2013.

Wishing Well – July 2013

Used reclaimed lumber to build a wishing well around a campground water source.  Filled in with dirt and floors.

Garage Shelves – August 2012

Moving into a new home usually requires some storage / organization.  I’ve used this design for garage shelves before, previously in a 3-car garage.  This was in my much smaller 1-car garage. Project was done in 2012.  More details to come.