ABOUT MYSELF: Hello, my name is Patrick Murphy. I, like many found watching others on YouTube gave me the confidence to try new things, or do something in a new way. I first created my YouTube channel to show some of my woodworking projects. I found gaps in wanting to do new things but unable to find content so I thought I would film myself to help others that may have the same issue.

Life intervened as we moved into a house that needed substantial remodeling. My woodworking was put on hold to make a home livable. My videos turned to more of a Do It Yourself home remodeling. As things settle down around the house, I hope to get back to woodworking and setting up my shops aka garage and basement.

My attitude is, I consider myself a novice at EVERYTHING and an expert of NOTHING. I believe we each have an obligation to teach what we know to help inspire others. I love learning and believe we only learn by making mistakes.   My videos are not about showing how to be perfect and doing a awesome project. I highlight and poke fun at where I failed to help others avoid and learn.

VIDEO CONTENT: I don’t do woodworking for a living.  I’ve got no background in audio/video production nor a desire to spend 100% of my personal time editing videos versus making something.  I have a job and a family that comes first. I don’t produce products or sell stuff.  Videos you will find here are related to general woodworking, DIY and general nonsense/personal fun.  Some of my videos are VERY detailed for those that like to see the ins/outs of assembling a new tool and where things can go wrong. I’m fun and sarcastic, wait is this a 1990’s era dating advertisement or a channel description?

VIDEO SCHEDULE:  Sometimes I put out a 9-part series in a week, but usually a few a month. I have over 100+ hours of video on my computer waiting to make it to YouTube but that doesn’t get the bathroom done, shop working, trim made and installed, lawn cut, etc.

If you have questions or recommendations on how I can improve please let me know.  Please Subscribe to my channel.  This way you will be notified of new content and lets me know you care :-).

ABOUT THE BRANDING: What’s with the name quarter inch off.  I enjoy working with my hands especially woodworking. However try as hard as I might, my measurements seem to always be a quarter inch off.  As I thought about this I realize that there is a lot in my life that is a quarter inch off.

So, what is this site about? Random thoughts from a regular Joe, I guess. I, like most people have fallen into a hectic and chaotic life whereby we put off the inevitable projects and at the end of the day sit staring at a spot on the wall waiting … waiting for something to change. This is my change and my hope would be that I can teach you or you can learn something about yourself that allows you to change. Otherwise we are all sitting looking at that same spot on the wall.

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